Wheelchair Accessible Villas Lanzarote

Playa Blanca is considered quite good for wheelchair users and there are certainly lots of Wheelchair accessible things to do in Playa Blanca so if your considering Playa Blanca for a wheelchair accessible holiday it’s definitely a brilliant choice, to start there are lots of wheelchair friendly properties which are close to the centre both Villas and hotels. Our Villa Arabella which is one of the most stunning wheelchair accessible villas Lanzarote.

Looking at Playa Blanca as destination for wheelchair accessible villas Lanzarote the central area of Playa Blanca, there is increased attention being given to wheelchair accessibility to make it easy to enjoy the area. There is designated disabled parking in most areas and the entire town has access ramps alongside the steps which gives you easy access around the town and to the promenade and restaurants.

The town is slightly hilly but it is manageable. There are many electric mobility scooters available which are typically around €10-€15 per day, these are some in Playa Blanca:

Moto & Bike Lanzarote 

Mobility Lanzarote

Sunny Rent Lanzarote

Island Mobility

These suppliers will deliver mobility equipment all over Playa Blanca, so you do not need to worry about finding this at the airport. There are also mobility scooters for hire for tours that are better on tough terrains, such as around any of the volcanic terrain called a joëlette chair. Ask the mobility scooter hire companies and also in the visitors centre in Timanfaya National Par

Shops, bars and restaurants:

Although some are steeper than others, most of the shops in Playa Blanca have ramps leading up to the shops. For some reason, most of the perfume shops have easy access into the shops, whilst others are left a little narrow.

The promenade itself is relatively flat with just a little bit of undulation. This whole area is pedestrianised, so the marina restaurants by the harbour are fine for wheelchair users. There is a way through to the promenade at the bottom of the town.

Our Villa Arabella in Playa Blanca is specially designed to make the stay very comfortable for wheelchair users. 

Playa Blanca’s beaches

One of the main attractions of Lanzarote is the idyllic beaches with vast stretches of its famous black, gold and white sands. Many of the beaches are accessible, as most of the major resorts have pavements and raised promenades and ramps leading to the sand which are level enough for it to avoid any hassle. However, after getting to the edge of the beach, this may become challenging. 

Playa Dorado is fully wheelchair accessible right down to the sand and there are spacious wheel accessible sanitary facilities here located on the promenade. There are also sunbeds on this beach if you fancy soaking up Lazarote’s all-year-round sunshine. 

Papagayo beach is not wheelchair accessible 

Playa Blanca beach has a wheelchair access path but it is quite a small area thats desiganated for wheelchairs on the beach but is understandable as its small beach.

Other accessible beaches

Costa Teguise is very flat and has ramps alongside stairs. The main entrance is in a little flat square with easy access to nearby bars, shops and restaurants.

Puerto Del Carmen is pretty flat, particularly in the Matagorda area, PDC is flat from around the Casino going towards Matagorda. There is a long promenade that is generally excellent for wheelchair users, but other parts of the resort and town present an obstacle course. There are many narrow, pot-holed pavements and the street furniture of cafes and bars make it difficult to leave space a wheelchair and the curbs not lowered at crossings, pavement parking.

Wheelchair accessible villas Lanzarote

Wheelchair Accessible Villas Lanzarotea

In terms of finding a wheelchair accessible villas Lanzarote, If our wheelchair accessible Villa Arabella is not available for your dates. We suggest searching on the wheelchair dedicated section of Simply Owners or Disabled Holidays

Los Vervidoros

The upper path here is paved, but some of the other paths are narrower which may cause a bit of struggle.


Timanfaya National Park

The Timanfaya National Park’s Visitor Centre, located in Mancha Blanca is accessible to people with reduced mobility. As well as browsing the many books in the gift shop, it is a great place to learn more about the beautiful volcanic area through exhibitions and audiovisual tours.

Wheelchair accessible villas Lanzarote

Aqua Lava Water Par


The disabled-friendly water park consists of plenty of water playgrounds and large pools and rides suitable for all ages. Dotted around the water park you will find plenty of sunshades and hammocks where you can lounge freely.

Jameos Del Agua

This underground cave attraction is wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators to take you down to the caves. The auditorium, museum, and restaurant areas are also accessible.


If you fancy giving diving a go,  Atlantida diving centre arranges tours for limited mobility. For further information call +34675865089 or visit their website here.

Boat Tours

There are plenty of boat tours around the coastline and to neighbouring islands such as Fuerteventura, an island twice the size of Lanzarote. This island is catered well for wheelchair users so exploring the island is made easy.

Keep in mind you may want to ask the mobility companies for a scooter that can handle rougher terrain here too. To book a wheelchair boat trip click here.

Wheelchair Accessible Villas Lanzarote

So if you do decide to book a wheelchair accessible villas Lanzarote there are many wheelchair accessible things to do in Playa Blanca and wider Lanzarote is really worth exploring, each region has its own very friendly and informative tourist offices these can provide lots helpful information if you are planning ahead. 

We would highly recommend the following to be on any shortlist

  1. Timanfaya National Park: The park offers a unique and stunning landscape, and the bus tours of the park are wheelchair accessible. You can enjoy the stunning views of the volcanic landscape from the comfort of the bus.

  2. Jameos Del Agua:

  3. Cactus Garden: The Cactus Garden, located in Guatiza, is a popular attraction on the island. The garden is wheelchair accessible, with paved pathways and ramps, making it easy to navigate.

  4. Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park: This theme park features a mix of wildlife, water park, and cowboy-themed attractions. The park is wheelchair accessible, and the staff is happy to help with any needs.

  5. Mirador del Rio: The Mirador del Rio is a viewpoint located on a cliff with panoramic views of the island.you can see the beautiful views of the Roco Del Famara. Everywhere apart from the upper terrace is wheelchair accessible as it has a spiral staircase leading you up. 

  6.  El Golfo can be seen from the top without going around. An absolutely beautiful village with amazing waterfront restaurants
  7. Cesar Manrique’s house at Tahiche is full of narrow steps, with a handrail, so there is only limited access. But speak to the reception for more information on ticket prices for this reason

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