Beaches in Playa Blanca

Beaches Playa Blanca

 Playa Blanca which soaks up more sun than anywhere else on the Canary Islands with clear, mild Atlantic water at the southern tip of Lanzarote just 30 minutes from the airport. The beaches Playa Blanca are an amazing part of any holiday by the sea,  the beautiful beaches Playa Blanca, surrounded by still relatively untouched nature.

The town is enjoyed by families, couples, seniors and of course the locals of entertainment such as music and cocktail lounges, a wide variety of restaurants from the traditional, local Canarian to amazing freshly caught fish and chips to the Michelin star restaurants there are so many wonderful things to do in Playa Blanca. The resort has built a stunning upmarket reputation by not attracting the partying / nightclub crowd who tend to go for resorts like Puerto del Carmen. Playa Blanca is in the Yaiza area of Lanzarote which has many attractions for the active and sporty but equally for those seeking relaxation and recuperation. Playa Blanca is a beautiful picturesque home to the stunning Marina Rubicon with its yachts bars and restaurants, the promenade stretches for miles and miles and is ideal for sunset strolls or sunrise stretches

Beaches Playa Blanca Playa Blanca

beaches Playa Blanca

The White Beach

Within walking distance of all our villas, you can find the stunning promenade, home to the small sandy bay of the same name which translates to “White Beach”. In this central location, the beach is lined with many restaurants, bars, shops, and the central life of Playa Blanca, ideal for spending some time watching the people go by in the sunshine. There are sanitary facilities nearby and showers on the beach. A few hours on Playa Blanca’s beach followed by a cool drink is one popular thing to do in Playa Blanca

Playa Dorada

Beaches Playa Blanca Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada is one of the most popular beaches Playa Blanca is a very popular thing to do in Playa Blanca for a wonderful day on the beach and just 200m from Playa Blanca centre and is a family beach with good facilities, this beach also has a watersports section for those looking for a more active holiday experience. Fine sand, calm water and ideal for children with sunbeds and umbrellas, Playa Dorada has 3 beach bars and restaurants with evening entertainment daily.
You will find all the amenities you would expect from an urban beach with sanitary facilities, showers, sunbeds, and a lifeguard.
Playa Dorada has even been awarded the Blue Flag distinction.

Playa Flamingo

Beaches Playa Blanca - Playa Flamingo

About 10 minutes walk west of Playa Blanca along the promenade you reach the idyllic beach of Playa Flamingo on the best beaches Playa Blanca which is a glorious sheltered cove. Both Villa Vista Rey and Villa Vista Reina are just a 10 minute walk from Playa Flamingo

A very beautiful fine sandy beach, with turquoise, calm water with restaurants and bars on its edges it is as popular in the evenings as it is during the day.

This is a regular spot for people training to dive. Diving is a very popular thing to do in Playa Blanca, and after a full days diving which can be hard work they many restaurants of Playa Flamingo right on the water are very inviting indeed.

Playas de Papagayo

Beaches Playa Blanca- Playas de Papagayo

One of the favourite things to do in Playa Blanca for beach lovers is a visit to Papagayo beach about 3km from Playa Blanca you could walk it but a car or taxi is probably best if you’re packing towels and beach gear for the family.
The Papagayo Beaches are natural and unique sandy beaches in the nature reserve “Los Ajaches” in the east of Playa Blanca. These beaches are definitely among the most beautiful on Lanzarote and are a must-see especially if you are staying in Playa Blanca. There are different ways to reach the beautiful beaches: 

On foot: You park at “Las Coloradas” and start a 30-minute walk over a hill from here. Not recommended if you have children with you as there is no protection from the sun. By the way: The city bus runs from the village of Playa Blanca to the “Las Coloradas” stop every 30 minutes.

By car: You follow a gravel road to one of the parking areas of the various bays and beaches (7 beaches in total).

There are a number of hilltop restaurants offering great food and cocktails overlooking the ocean and beaches of Papagayo.

Beaches Playa Blanca

The Volcano Walk

Playa Blanca offers some beautiful walks which are great things to do in Playa Blanca to work  near the villas. Enjoy a short hike up to Montaña Roja also known as Read Mountain. An impressive volcano that can be reached by foot from Playa Blanca. It is also possible to drive to the foot of the Volcano Walk and start your hike from here. Arriving at the top, you can enjoy the panoramic views over the Playa Blanca resort, the distant beaches, surrounding volcanic mountains and across to Fuerteventura island. The view is truly breathtaking from up there.

Walks in Playa Blanca


Things to do in Playa Blanca

If you want to offer your children a programme, the Kikoland sports and family club is one of the great family things to do in Playa Blanca is the place to go. Kikoland is a children’s park covering an area of over 10,000 m². With its sports and leisure facilities, Kikoland is an adventure paradise for children aged 0-18, where everyone can find age-appropriate entertainment. There is also paddel tennis and basketball for older ones.


In case you fancy a sporty, action-packed holiday in Playa Blanca, that is of course also possible. Thanks to Lanzarote’s climate, the island is popular for a range of sporting activities from surfing, kitesurfing and diving, to trekking, horse riding, and even triathlons. There are especially no limits to water sports here. The Windblue sports diving school in Playa Blanca offers amazing diving courses from beginner level to advanced. On the beach of Playa Dorada, you can find water sports also.

Many professional athletes choose the island as a destination where to do their training during part of the season, so there are plenty of indoor and outdoor facilities across the island. 
Playa Blanca is home to Marina Rubicon which is home to a range of sports facilities. On Playa Blanca beach, between the centre and the Marina Rubicon port, the beaches are popular with various water sports equipment available for hire.

Explore the island on two wheels

Do you want to explore the beautiful countryside around Playa Blanca? There are numerous possibilities to rent a bicycle or electric bike for excursions. E-Scooters are a great way to get around the town quickly. Cycling is one the most popular things to do in Playa Blanca

Activities in Playa Blanca

Playa Blancas culinary delights

Playa Blanca Villa guests having a champaign arrival

On the culinary side there are so many foodie things to do in Playa Blanca, whether it’s the amazing restaurants and eateries or the local vineyards. There are so many food and drink based things to do in Playa Blanca. Boasting a variety of over 160 different restaurants and eateries. Whether classic Spanish tapas, Italian specialities, burgers, fresh fish, steak, you will find everything you could wish for here.
Here are some reviews and information of the best restaurants in Playa Blanca

Marina Rubicon

Located between the beaches of Papagayo and Playa Blanca, Marina Rubicon is one of the best all-around yachting harbours on the island with lots of wonderful yachts, boutique shops, restaurants and bars overlooking the water, it is a beautiful place to explore definitely one of the most favourite of all the things to do in Playa Blanca.


Want to explore more places around the island? Check out our Things to do in Lanzarote page to get even more inspiration for your holiday in Playa Blanca and just in case it happens to rain we have put together a great list of things to do in Playa Blanca on a wet day 

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