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A stunning boutique range of high specification villas wonderfully located in Playa Blanca, each beautifully designed for relaxation and entertaining. Your next escape to Lanzarote awaits you…

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In-Villa Services

Additional In Villa services are available for pre-booking. Please contact us for your specific requirements after your booking is confirmed
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Holiday Villas

Playa Blanca Villas are located across some of the most sought after destinations on Lanzarote’s Southern Tip. Our villas are centrally located while nonetheless maintaining a private feel. Featuring large indoor and outdoor areas our villas feature a private heated swimming pool, air conditioning, spacious communal areas and stunning relaxation spaces. Our villas include a wide variety of entertainment such as smart TV’s and board games.


Local Knowledge

Our team is here to ensure you get the most from your stay on this beautiful island. Guest guides are available in all the villas as well as numerous posts on our website detailing the best restaurants, bars, activities and much more. With our local knowledge and years of experience in the area we maintain insight and understanding of the area that will ensure you don’t waste a single minute.

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Book with Confidence

Holidays to Playa Blanca should be a carefree experience. And we are here to ensure just that. If you have questions about a potential booking, need to change or cancel a booking we are here to assist you. You can contact us directly on our website. Click here. If you have any additional queries in advance of your stay be sure to get in touch. We recommend signing up to our email service to ensure you are the first to know about all our offers.

Holiday Rental Villas in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Playa Blanca Villa is about unique holiday villas in Playa Blanca, designed to be the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Each villa is fully equipped to ensure the best holiday experience possible for both families and couples focusing on great entertaining spaces and with lots to do for the younger ones, with tasteful design and attractive interiors that will delight the adults.

Our villas are designed to provide a holiday experience without ever leaving. We boast a spectacular range of outdoor amenities including our state of the art private pool and lounge area. All our villas maintain a secluded feel, but yet still remain close to all local amenities such as beaches, shops and restaurants. Our simple yet sophisticated interior offers a relaxed atmosphere while nonetheless providing all you need for a hassle-free holiday. Whether you are travelling as a family, a couple, or a group our villas offer a holiday experience guaranteed to suit all preferences. We are passionate about creating a holiday environment that is tranquil and comfortable to ensure you get the most from your stay.

To ensure your holiday experience is everything it should be we have gone that extra mile to ensure your villa is a home away from home during your stay, you will find the small details attended to such as hairdryers, Nespresso machines and all the things you would expect from a luxury villa, including Netflix and high-speed Wifi. Should you need us during your stay we are always here to help, we look forward to welcoming you to your place in the sun.

Playa Blanca is one of the most tranquil destinations on the Island of Lanzarote and our villas aim to capture this atmosphere. We endeavour to provide a quality stay for you and your loved ones in this idyllic spot.

Playa Blanca FAQ

Playa Blanca is located on Lanzarote’s southern tip in the municipality of Yaiza and the province of Las Palmas. Lanzarote is one of eight Canary Islands found in the Atlantic Ocean. Lanzarote is close to the other Canary islands of Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa. Lanzarote is situated approximately 125km from the northern coast of Africa and 1540km from mainland Spain.

Lanzarote is a very safe island with exceptionally low crime rates. In busier tourist areas pickpockets may be present so exercise caution in these spots. As with anywhere in the world, we do not recommend leaving valuables unattended in public areas and keeping an eye on smaller children at all times, particularly near the water.

Yes, as Spain is a member of the European Union – all EU citizens can benefit from free nonelective medical treatment in Lanzarote. It is free and easy to apply for all Eu citizens. It is however recommended that all tourists apply for travel insurance before visiting Playa Blanca for added peace of mind. This is particularly important if you are planning on engaging in activities such as hiking or water sports.

There are many state-of-the-art hospitals and health care clinics providing health services on the island of Lanzarote. The closest hospital to Playa Blanca is located in the neighbouring resort town of Puerto del Carmen. Hospiten Lanzarote offers professional medical services, low wait times, and English-speaking medical professionals.

Playa Blanca, Lanzarote is the ultimate holiday destination for families of all ages. It is quieter than other resort towns such as Puerto del Carmen and Costa Tesguise and maintains wonderfully quiet white sand beaches and family-friendly activities.

Playa Blanca is the ideal destination for a romantic break – suitable for couples of all ages. Playa Blanca has a laid back island feel with wonderful beaches and plenty of water activities to choose from. Playa Blanca also has a whole host of wonderful authentic Spanish restaurants and bars. Its proximity to other resort towns such as Puerto del Carmen means you can still enjoy what Lanzarote’s nightlife has to offer while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of Playa Blanca by day. If it is a busier nightlife you are after, Puerto del Carmen is located 30 minutes by car from Playa Blanca and hosts an entire array of nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants.

Playa Blanca is the ideal destination for a romantic break – suitable for couples of all ages. Playa Blanca has a laid back island feel with wonderful beaches and plenty of water activities to choose from. Playa Blanca also has a whole host of wonderful authentic Spanish restaurants and bars. Its proximity to other resort towns such as Peurto del Carmen means you can still enjoy what Lanzarote’s nightlife has to offer while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of Playa Blanca by day. If it is a busier nightlife you are after, Puerto del Carmen is located 30 minutes by car from Playa Blanca and hosts an entire array of nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants.

While Playa Blanca has an upmarket feel with fewer tourists than other resort towns in Lanzarote, it is nonetheless a very affordable holiday destination. There are many reasonably priced restaurants, bars, and activities to choose from. For more on Playa Blanca’s restaurants and bars please click here.

While most tourists opt to visit Lanzarote during the summer months of June, July, and August – Playa Blanca is a year-round holiday destination with over 300 days of sunshine annually. Most amenities such as restaurants, bars and watersports activities are open 365 days a year making Playa Blanca a very popular destination for a break in the winter sun.

Playa Blanca has a whole host of worthwhile activities to offer – and its proximity to other resort towns mean that access to the entire island of Lanzarote is relatively easy. Playa Blanca is served by four wonderful white sand beaches including Playa Blanca Beach, Playa Flamingo, Playa Dorada, and the Papagayo Beaches. For more on beaches in Playa Blanca and the surrounding areas please click here. Lanzarote is also a world-class hiking and walking destination with hundreds of paths and trails to choose from. Playa Blanca is also renowned for its water activities including surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and windsurfing.

While Playa Blanca has a wide range of authentic local restaurants specialising in Spanish cuisines such as fresh seafood, tapas, and paella – it also features a wide range of international restaurants such as Italian, Thai and Irish eateries. For more on our top restaurants in Playa Blanca for 2022 please click here.

The Playa Blanca nightlife scene is relatively quieter than other resort towns such as Puerto del Carmen and the capital Arrecife. However, there still is a wide range of live music venues and late-night bars to choose from. Puerto del Carmen is only a short 30-minute car drive from Playa Blanca and maintains a lively nightlife year-round. For more on Playa Blanca nightlife click here.

The waters surrounding Playa Blanca are very safe for swimming. The beaches of Playa Blanca, Playa Dorada, Playa Flamingo, and the Papagayo beaches are sheltered coves with shallow and calm waters. Other nearby beaches may not be suitable for swimming year-round due to high winds and large swell – such as Playa de Famara – a popular surf spot. For more on the beaches of Playa Blanca please click here.

Lanzarote’s maximum length is roughly 60km and therefore all areas of the island are very accessible. The public bus service is run by Intercity bus and is known locally as ‘guaguas’. The bus service is efficient and reasonably priced and travel cards are a good option if you plan to use the bus service regularly during your trip. Taxis are also a good option and all fares are government-controlled meaning prices are cheaper than average European rates. All taxis serving Playa Blanca are white and red in colour. Uber and other ride sharing companies do not operate on the island of Lanzarote.

If you plan to explore much of what Lanzarote has to offer – car hire is a great option. Roads are well-maintained and the island is well signposted. Average prices start at an estimated 40€ a day. Full list of bus timetables see Here

Playa Blanca is also a great place to explore by bicycle with many rental options available. This is also a day great day activity for all the family with prices starting from a modest 19€ a day (

Traveling to and from Playa Blanca

Traveling to Playa Blanca is easy and affordable by plane. César Manrique-Lanzarote Airport serves the whole island and is located 29 minutes by car from the centre of Playa Blanca.

Flight times from top European destinations

  • Dublin 3 hours, 56 minutes
  • Cork 4 hours
  • Belfast 4 hours, 30 minutes
  • London 4 hours, 15 minutes
  • Manchester 4 hours, 20 minutes
  • Birmingham 4 hours, 15 minutes
  • Edinburgh 4 hours, 35 minutes
  • Paris 3 hours, 55 minutes
  • Berlin 5 hours, 5 minutes
  • Rome 4 hours, 10 minutes
  • Madrid 2 hours, 40 minutes
  • Lisbon 2 hours, 5 minutes
  • You can also access Lanzarote by Ferry from other destinations in the Canary Islands.

Weather FAQ- monthly temperatures, monthly hours of sunshine, temperature differences north and south of the island, other

Playa Blanca offers ideal temperatures for a break in the summer sunshine. June sees an average daily temperature of approximately 26°C with lows of 19°C. In July temperatures reach 28°C with lows of 20°C. In August, considered the hottest month in Playa Blanca, temperatures will reach highs of 29°C, dropping to 21°C by night. Temperatures can however exceed the temperatures quoted during midday and it is always recommended to exercise sun safety when visiting Playa Blanca during these hotter months.

Rainfall is minimal during the summer months of June, July and August. On average July experiences the least rainfall with an average of 0 sunny days.

Playa Blanca experiences very moderate changes in temperature during the winter months, making it the ultimate winter break destination. January and February are usually the coolest months experiencing high temperatures of 20°C and lows of 13°C by night.

Even though Playa Blanca experiences rainy spells during the winter period – changes to rainfall are marginal with an average of 2-3 days of rain per month. December is largely considered the wettest month with averages of 3-4 days per month. You can still expect to carve out plenty of beach days during the month of December.

Daily hours of sunshine can vary throughout the year but in Playa Blanca – due to its location on the south of the island, experiences up to 2,500 hours of sunshine per year.

Average Hours of Sunshine – Monthly breakdown

January: 6 hours daily sunshine
February: 7 hours daily sunshine
March: 8 hours daily sunshine
April: 8 hours daily sunshine
May: 9 hours daily sunshine
June: 10 hours daily sunshine
July: 11 hours daily sunshine
August: 11 hours daily sunshine
September: 9 hours daily sunshine
October: 7 hours daily sunshine
November: 6 hours daily sunshine
December: 6 hours daily sunshine

Due to its position as the southernmost town on the island of Lanzarote – Playa Blanca experiences some of the best weather conditions on the whole island. The southern coast is largely sheltered encountering moderate winds and low rainfall. Souther Lanzarote experiences stable climatic conditions year-round. The northern tip of the island is approximately 75km from Playa Blanca and endures larger volumes of wind and rain due to its level of exposure. The north of the island nonetheless does not endure harsh or volatile weather conditions.

Additional Villa Services - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Playa Blanca villa offers three villa types. Our villa Arabella has two bedrooms and caters for up to four guests. This is perfect for couples or smaller families or group sizes. The villa has one double room and one twin room with indoor and outdoor seating and a private swimming pool. Our other two villas, Villa Vista Rey and Villa Reina have 6 bedrooms each and accommodate 13 guests in total. These villas are ideal for larger families and are often enjoyed by multiple families traveling together.

All villas are located just a very short distance from the centre of Playa Blanca. Our exclusive Villa Vista Reina is located very close to Playa Flamingo in the Vista Lobos area.

Villa Arabella caters for up to 4 guests and is centrally located just a short 20 minute walk from Playa Blanca beach.

Located just off Calle Holanda, our stunning 5 star Villa Vista Rey is located under 20 minutes from the breathtaking Playa Flamingo beach.

All of our villas are self-catering and come with a fully equipped kitchen and both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Nespresso coffee machines are also available.

High speed fibre wifi is installed in all our villas.

All our villas are suitable for pets with large indoor and outdoor areas provided.

All our residences feature a private outdoor heated pool, complete with sun loungers and an outdoor dining area.

All our villas come equipped with a designated workstation, including an office desk and chair. This is perfect for guests who need to remain accessible during their break.

All bathrooms provide towels, toiletries, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, showers and pool towels.

​​The kitchen areas are fully equipped with washing machine and dishwasher, oven, electric kettle, Nespresso machine, microwave, toaster, fridge/freezer and cooking utensils.

Air conditioning is provided in all bedrooms.

All villas come fully equipped with an outdoor dining space, an outdoor lounge area (sunbeds) and a private heated pool

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