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Long Term Holiday Rentals in Playa Blanca

The prevalence of remote work has led to an increased demand for long term holiday rentals across Spain. Likewise, the desire for a more relaxed way of life has made its way to the top of many people’s priority list. For those seeking a change of lifestyle but reluctant to commit to the purchase of a property abroad – a long term holiday rental is the perfect option. It affords the time and experience to ensure you are making the best choice for you.

But this then begs the questions – where do I start? The task can be a daunting one and comes with several important considerations. We have rounded up some of our top tips and tricks for securing a long-term rental as seamlessly and as hassle-free as possible.

What resources are available to me?

Long term holiday rentals are those typically lasting two months and above.  Spain offers many useful resources to help you with your search.

Idealista.com is a great website allowing potential tenants to reach out directly through the website to make enquiries such as how long you wish to rent the property, your budget, and the dates you wish to rent for. You can refine your search using filters such as budget, location, and number of bedrooms. The website can be easily translated into English or other languages of your preference. The website is user friendly, and you can also sign up for email alerts when properties matching your criteria become available.

At Playa Blanca Villa we also offer the option to rent long term as well as holiday rentals. Our villas cater to groups ranging from 2-12 guests. Our spacious villas make for the perfect remote workspace – ideal for families or couples keen to make a break to the sun.  We offer discounted stays for rentals extending beyond four weeks. For more information, please visit our contact us page which can be found here. Please provide information on the preferred type of villa and intended duration of your stay and an agent will be in touch promptly. We are confident we can provide the perfect villa to suit your needs.

How do I find the right place for me?

The internet can be a very useful research tool and we always encourage visiting discussion forums or other sites to help you on your journey. Hearing from others who are in a similar position or better yet have already taken the leap can be both informative and reassuring.

If you want to know more about Playa Blanca, you can visit our blog page here. Our blogs contain worthwhile information on the resort of Playa Blanca and its surroundings. If you have never visited Playa Blanca or Lanzarote it is a great way to get to know the place a little better and ensure peace of mind in your decision.

We always encourage making a list of non-negotiables for you and your family or group regarding, for example, property type, area, and budget and ensure you find a rental that ticks all those boxes.

When should I book?


We always advise booking your long-term rental well in advance – this ensures you the time to make the right choice and avoids any rush decision making. This also ensures that your desired property has availability for an extended period. Many properties are rented out for both holidays and long term stays and where you delay booking many spots may already be booked up with holiday makers.

How can I get the best value for money?

Booking popular holiday destinations for longer term rental can be tricky as you may find yourself competing with holiday or short-stay rates which are typically higher. A great way to circumvent this is to avoid the summer months where tourism is naturally at its peak.

Christmas and other holiday seasons such as midterm and Easter should also be avoided.

If you are planning to stay in your rental for upward of 6 months but still want to secure an affordable letting – a good tip is to negotiate with your letting agency or landlord by offering to vacate the property during these periods where demand is greater.

Things to watch out for

It is always encouraged to exercise caution when making bookings online – particularly where the transfer of funds is involved. Always make payments through a secure method such as Visa/Mastercard or a reputable third-party provider such as STRIPE or PayPal. This ensures all transfers are handled securely and with the support of your bank.

Engaging with a trusted agency or property owner is important – undertaking in depth research and making enquiries is key to success!

Visiting Playa Blanca, Lanzarote? Check Out Our Rental Holiday Villas.

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